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Costeno Beach Eco Hostel and Surf Camp

Transport and Transportation

To Costeño Beach Camp from Santa Marta

Costeño Beach is only a 40 km bus or taxi ride from Santa Marta.  From inside the city, take the bus from the Tayrona bus stop (See Map) or, if you prefer additional space, you can catch a cab outside of the city and take one of the larger tour buses up the road.  Costeño Beach is around km marker 37.  Tell the driver where you are going when you get into the bus and he will let you know when you arrive.  If he does not recognize the name Costeño Beach, ask for Rancho Randy.  A bus ride should cost you 5.000 COP.

When you are dropped off, you will see a sign on your left that says Costeño Beach Surf Camp.  It is easy to spot as the graphics are extremely well done.  Follow this road till you reach the beach and turn right.  Walk another .5km and you will arrive at the Costeño Beach Camp.

To Quebrada Valencia Waterfalls from Santa Marta

Same rules apply.  (See Santa Marta Bus Map) Quebrada Valencia Falls is approximately 5km past Costeño Beach.  Let the driver know when you get onto the bus.

To Don Diego from Santa Marta

Same drill.  Don Diego is 8km past Quebrada Valencia.  If you are the only one left on the bus, it is possible the bus will not take you all the way.  In this case, let him take you as far as he is going, and you can catch the next tour bus or moto-taxi going north-west for an additional 2.000 COP.  There are plenty of transportation options on this road until 11PM.