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El Rodadero Beach

Things to Do

Activities, Places to Visit, Things to Do and See, Points of Interest in Santa Marta Colombia

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  • Santa Marta - Quinta San Pedro Alejandrino

    A visit to La Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, the house where South American liberator Simon Bolivar died, offers visitors a chance to experience a historical sanctuary of Latin America without leaving Santa Marta. The property features a museum dedicated to Bolivar and beautiful gardens.

  • Santa Marta - Tayrona National Park

    Just 1 hour NE of Santa Marta, Tayrona National Park offers some of the most beautiful coastline in South America. 35.000 COP pays for entrance into the park. Once inside, tent camping and accommodations from 10.000 COP hammock rentals to luxury outdoor suites are available.

  • Santa Marta - Ciudad Perdida (Lost City)

    Unforgettable 5-6 day hike to Tayrona Indian ruins dated to the 8th Century, during which you will experience waterfalls, wildlife and gorgeous views. Prices range from 500.000 to 600.000 COP depending on tour. Tours must be arranged through Turcol or Expotur.

  • Taganga - Sensation

    The most popular discotheque in Tanganga, Sensation plays a variety of international experimental music with great ambiance. Located on Calle 1, 150m south of the police station.

  • Santa Marta - El Rodadero Beach

    Located 5km to the south of Santa Marta sits El Rodadero Beach, a launching point for sailing and diving tours to Playa Blanca, and vacation spot for Colombian tourists.

  • Taganga - Hotel Mirador

    A hotel with an indoor/outdoor discotheque on the rooftop with great music and atmosphere. The presence of hotel security and the club's location on the north end of town contribute to a more relaxed vibe than you might find elsewhere in Taganga.

  • Santa Marta - Boat Tours

    From El Rodadero, it is possible to visit nearby islands and beaches if you are seeking extra privacy. Prices can be negotiated with captains located on the south of El Rodadero. Looking for an alternative route to Tayrona NP? Captains can drop you off at one of Tayrona's beaches.

  • Taganga - Calipso Dive Center

    Calipso offers 7 diving certification courses (including a 3-4 Day diving certification class for beginners for $350) out of Taganga, located just 10 minutes to the NE of Santa Marta. Accommodations are included in Taganga, with dives featuring many of Colombia's beautiful reefs.