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El Rodadero Beach

Santa Marta - El Rodadero Beach

Located 5km to the south of Santa Marta sits El Rodadero Beach, a launching point for sailing and diving tours to Playa Blanca, and vacation spot for Colombian tourists.

  • Map to El Rodadero Beach

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    • Santa Marta Bus Pick-Up

      (calle 16, carrera 1)

    • Rodadero Beach

    Map of Rodadero Beach Near Santa Marta Colombia

El Rodadero has long been an immensely popular vacation spot for well to do Colombians, and as such, there are a wide range of activities available here including diving, sailing, paddle boat rentals, and more.  Vendors line the beach offering numerous food and beverage options, but shop around--prices vary greatly between one vendor and the next.

While Rodadero is always a happening place, it is also likely to be very crowded.  The beach is lined with high end hotels and resorts where there is sure to be around the clock entertainment for those eager to check in and check out for a few days vacation.

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