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El Rodadero Beach

Taganga - Hotel Mirador

A hotel with an indoor/outdoor discotheque on the rooftop with great music and atmosphere.  The presence of hotel security and the club's location on the north end of town contribute to a more relaxed vibe than you might find elsewhere in Taganga.  Cab fare from Santa Marta should cost 10.000 COP though if you find yourself needing a ride in the early hours of the morning, do not be surprised to pay a bit more.

Contacting the Hotel Mirador

This is where it gets confusing.  They list their contact information and address on their Facebook Page as follows:

Tel. 421-9206

Cra 1B 18-107

However at the time of writing this, there is no calle 18 in Taganga, there does not appear to be a Carrera 1B, and the phone number doesn't exist...  Here's what we do know.  It is just steps from the beach, the taxi and bus drivers no exactly where it is, and that there's always fun to be had.

If anyone can provide the correct contact information for the Hotel Mirador, please do so in the comment field below.

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