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Valledupar - La Mina / Maruamake

For an incredible freshwater swim without the crowds of Rio Guatapuri, catch a ride in the Sierra Nevada mountains to visit La Mina. This other worldly swimming area is just a 60 minute drive from Valledupar. You can catch a truck from La Galleria Popular for 7.000 COP.

  • La Mina & Maruamake

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    • La Mina

    • Maruamake

  • Truck Pickup in Valledupar

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    • Pickup Spot

La Mina is surrounded by indigenous villages, and while the swimming area is a destination in itself, it is also a launching point for excursions into Guatapuri and Maruamake.  From La Mina, it is a another 20 km to Guatamuri, where you will probably need to spend the night in order to catch the only bus to Maruamake in the morning if you so choose.

Be very respectful of the indigenous people and their traditions, and refrain from taking pictures of individuals unless you first obtain permission.

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