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Colombia Information

Colombia Information

Travel Information on Colombia - Tourism, Vacation Destinations, Hostels, Colombian History and Politics, Art, Culture, Movies in Colombia, Economic Factors and Investment Information, Safety and Security, Colombia Maps, Bus Fares, National Parks, Activities, Things to Do, Restaurants, Cooking and Cuisine.

Welcome to Colombia Information

Since the late 90’s and early 00’s, violence in Colombia has dramatically decreased, opening Colombia up to the outside world for travel.  What travelers are discovering is not the war torn country some imagined, but a paradise on earth.

Colombia’s diverse climate zones provide something for every kind of traveler.  The Caribbean Beaches in the north provide world class resorts intermixed amongst historic colonial cities, while inexpensive beach towns along the Pacific Coast such as Nuqui provide some of the top surfing conditions in the world.

The Andean Region, where most of the local population resides is filled with cities brimming with culture.  Bogota and Medellin are both world class cities, comparable to San Francisco, Buenos Aires, or Dubai, and filled with all the shopping centers, dining options, nightclubs, and transnational corporations that one would expect to find in such urban centers.

To the southeast lies the Amazonian Region, where adventure travelers and eco-tourists can experience the Amazonian rainforest first hand.

Despite being located along the equator, Colombia’s climates range from the extremely hot to extremely cold.  This extreme variation in climate zones contributes greatly to the beauty of the region and help make Colombia one of the 17 most bio-diverse countries in the world (number of species/square mile).  With peaks reaching nearly 20,000 feet (5975m), Colombia’s alpine region contains permanently frozen glaciers.  However the moderately warm climates of the Caribbean coastline, and the cool climates present in the urban centers in the temperate Andes region remain pleasant and constant over throughout the year.

Colombia’s economy continues to show strong growth.  Colombia’s real GDP grew at 4.4% in 2010, slightly ahead of the global rate.  Considering strong linkages with the struggling U.S. economy and the periodic eradication of coca agricultural zones, this is a good sign for the future.

While Colombia still experiences problems of wealth distribution, it has made significant strides since 2005 and continues to enact policies which promote middle class growth.  These factors, as well as the major strides which have been made on the security front in recent years are making Colombia an attractive destination for businesses expanding within Latin America and for investors seeking to capitalize on this growth.

Security Note:  While security in Colombia has greatly improved in recent years, travelers are advised to know the more dangerous areas of the country and refrain from high risk activities and behaviors.