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Barranquilla Skyline

Things to Do and See

Activities, Places to Visit, Things to Do and See, Points of Interest in Barranquilla, Colombia

While we're not ready to advocate Barranquilla as a honeymoon destination, the city does offer a set of fun and educational activities to keep you occupied during your stay.  The city is also said to have a bustling nightlife.  We were not so bold or so well guided to venture far in the evenings.

Tour and Activity Providers: To have your activity listed, feel free to contact us with your information, and we will be happy to feature you on our site.

  • Barranquilla - Carnival

    Barranquilla's Carnival is one of the largest in the world. It occurs each year at the start of Lent (40 days prior to holy week) and features dancing, music, and masquerade, with Spanish, African, Cuban, and indigenous influences. Book hotels early!!

  • Barranquilla - Parque Cultural de Caribe

    The Parque Cultural del Caribe (Caribbean Cultural Park) evidences a city being reborn. The park promotes the natural and cultural history of the Colombia Caribbean, and includes the Museo del Caribe, a library specializing in Márquez's works), and a Museum of Modern Art.

  • Barranquilla - Museo del Caribe

    A one of a kind museum, the Museo del Caribe will leave you pleasantly surprised. It is extremely interactive, featuring literature, art, cooking traditions and more. If you find yourself in Barranquilla, and have time to do one thing, visit the Museo del Caribe. It does not disappoint.

  • Barranquilla - Zoo

    Barranquilla offers a respectable zoo which features over 140 species of animals, representing all 7 continents. At only $5 for adults and children, the Barranquilla zoo offers a great opportunity to help teach your child Spanish in a safe, inexpensive environment.

  • Barranquilla - Museo de Carnival

    In the Museo de Carnival, you will see masks and costumes worn in Carnival and learn about the cultural fusion between European, African, and indigenous traditions which is the soul of the festival. The next best thing to attending.

  • Barranquilla - Shakira Statue

    Located in south Barranquilla, the statue pays homage to Latin America's most famous pop star, and Barranquilla's own, Shakira. The iron statue stands 15 ft tall and was donated in 2006. Shakira's foundation also funded an art school in one of the city's poorest neighborhoods.