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Cartagena - Convento de la Popa

Founded in 1607 by Augustinian monks, la Popa sits upon the tallest hill in the city and offers beautiful views of the city and Caribbean.

  • Convento de la Popa

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    • Convento de La Popa

      Calle 37
      Tel: (0) 665 4798

    Map of Convento de la Popa in Cartagena Colombia

El Convento de La Popa sits upon the highest hill in Cartagena.  In addition to having one of the most beautiful views of the city, it also boasts one of the most beautiful cloisters in all of Colombia. Legend states that the Convent was founded when Fray Alonso Paredes, an Augustinian monk was was fasting in the desert, had a dream in which the Virgin Mary demanded that he go to the tallest point in Cartagena and build a monastery.  Naturally he did as he was instructed, and when he arrived, he discovered a pagan sect which worshiped image of a black goat named Busiraco had already built a shrine in that location.  Fray Alonso Paredes flung the icon from the top of La Popa, and replaced it with the image of the Virgin de la Candelaria, which stands today.

While the convent no longer houses monks, it can be visited for 6000 COP, Monday through Saturday.  We suggest taking a cab or mototaxi from the Old City or Boca Grande rather than trying to walk, due to the safety issues in surrounding neighborhoods.

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