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Cartagena Boat

Cartagena - Bike Rentals

There are two spots we've found which offer by-the-hour bike rentals for a remarkable alternative in experiencing Cartagena's beautiful shoreline and historic city center.

  • Bike Rentals Map

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    • Bike Flag

      Av. 1 No. 02 - 38

    • Parque Centenario

Parque Centenario

The old city's narrow, low traffic streets, lush gardens, and magical architecture make biking a great way to experience historic Cartagena.  Bikes can be rented for 5.000 COP / hour in front of Parque Centenario, just outside of the old city's walls.  Helmets are included and guided tours are available if desired.  While this may be your more convenient option, we recommend renting from Bike Flag if you can make your way out to the tip of the BocaGrande Peninsula.

Bike Flag

Located in Laguita in front of the Christopher Colombus building, Bike Flag offers single and tandem rentals at the following rates:

For a Single Person Bike: 1 Hora: $4.000      3 Horas: $10.000
For a 2 Person (Tandem): 1 Hora: $7.000      3 Horas: $16.000

Not only will your rental include a travel map, you will also receive an MP3 player, packed with local and international tunes!! Incredible right??  If you're able, try to make reservations in advance so they can assure that a bike is ready for you upon your arrival.

Tel: 301-7374414,  313-5103372,  317-3245999
Facebook: Bike Flag on Facebook

REMEMBER: You will need to bring your photo ID.

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