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You are here: Home Cartagena Things to Do Cartagena - El Tuturno Volcán (Mud Volcano)
Cartagena Boat

Cartagena - El Tuturno Volcán (Mud Volcano)

What can only be described as a "weird but fun" experience, the mud volcano, 50km northeast of Cartagena, offers travelers the opportunity to unwind in a 2000m deep mudvent.

  • Map of the Mud Volcano

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    • The Mud Volcano

    Map of El Tuturno Volcán (Mud Volcano) near Cartagena

Eco Tours Los Pinos offers trips to and from Cartagena (about 45 minutes) for 45.000 COP (which includes tips to the local boys who will massage you and toss you around in the mud.  After this surreal experience, you will be guided back to a lagoon where you can rinse off.

Yes, the trip is the epitome of touristy, but its a fantastic photo op, and you've almost assuredly never experienced anything quite like it in your life.

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