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Cartagena Boat

Cartagena by Boat

  • Cartagena Colombia - Panama Ferry Map

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    • Portobelo / Puerto Lindo

    • San Bias Islands

      Stopping Point for Many Colombia - Panama Ferries

    • Cartagena

    • El Porvenir

    Ferry map between Cartagena Colombia and Puerto Lindo, Portobelo, and El Porvenir Panama with stops at the San Bias Islands

Ferry Travel Between Panama and Cartagena

It is not possible to drive across the Panama-Colombia border, and consequently, many travelers utilize sailboat ferries that transport passengers between Cartagena and Panama on a regular basis.  Different captains have different routes that they frequent, but the three most popular Panamanian ports are Puerto Lindo, Portobelo, and El Porvenir.  Prices vary between $400 and $600 USD depending on the boat, the exact route, and the activities provided by the provider.  The trip takes between 3-6 days which typically includes a 1-2 day stop in San Bias, a beautiful Caribbean gem just off the Panamanian coast.  Many ferries include fishing and snorkeling along the way.  Motorcycles can be take aboard many of the sail boats but we advise that you try to book at least a week ahead of time.

NOTE: Do not think that by traveling on a tourist ferry that you can safely smuggle drugs across the border.  Coast Guards Patrol these waters and regularly perform searches of the boat.  The punishment for international drug smuggling is 10-20 years in jail.  This is not a risk you want to take!

There is no fixed schedule for ferry travel so you will need to coordinate with a booking agent in advance to find out exact departure times.  Numerous hotels and travel agents in both Cartagena Colombia and Puerto Lindo Panama can assist you in booking a ferry that fits your needs.  However the Hostel Wunderbar in Puerto Lindo seems to do the best job of providing up to date departure times on their website.

  • SY Varuna - Captain: Claudio

    Puerto Lindo - Cartagena Price = 430 USD

  • SY Stahlratte Captain: Luis

    El Porvenir - Cartagena Price = 450 USD

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