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El Rodadero Beach

Santa Marta by Bus

Information on Bus Travel to and from Santa Marta Colombia. Includes Bus Fares, Maps, Travel Times to Destinations around the country, and pick up locations for local buses from Santa Marta to Tayrona, Rodadero, Taganga, and more.

  • Santa Marta Colombia Bus Map

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    • To Rodadero, Airport,

      & Bus Terminal

      (calle 16, carrera 1)

    • To Taganga

      (Calle 17, Carrera 5)

    • To Tayrona NP

      (Calle 11, Carrera 11)

    Map of Santa Marta Bus Terminal and minibus pick up locations.

To Rodadero, Taganga, and Tayrona

Small buses can be caught to nearby destinations.  These buses are filled to capacity and leave approximately every half hour. These pick up locations are marked on the map above.

To Rodadero: 3.000 COP
To Taganga: 3.000 COP
To Tayrona: 5.000 COP

You can also catch a cab to Taganga or Rodadero which will take you to your exact destination for around 10.000 COP

To Barranquilla and Cartagena

From Santa Marta, you can get a van to pick you up at your hotel/hostel and drop you off at your desired destination in Barranquilla.  If you are going to Barranquilla (half way between Santa Marta and Cartagena) you will pay 25.000 COP; to Cartagena, you will pay 50.000.  The numbers for these door to door van services are provided below, though you can probably ask reception at your hotel or hostel to arrange transport for you.

Van Express: 300-844-5516, 095-422-8188, 422-1111
Transporte Especial: CellPhone-300-816-1601, 315-773-5095, 310-728-8719

Santa Marta Bus Terminal

To travel by bus to other major cities around Colombia, you will need to depart from the main bus terminal.  The Santa Marta Bus Terminal is a 30 minute drive from the city center, so you should plan to take a bus or cab and allow yourself a bit of extra time.  The pick up location for the minibus going to the main bus terminal is marked on the map above.  It will cost 2.000 COP.

Santa Marta's bus terminal services major destinations in Colombia, but be aware that for less traveled destinations you will need to travel to Barranquilla and reconnect there.

It is not uncommon to negotiate bus ticket prices at the counter.

Below is a time chart for bus times to and from other popular destinations in Colombia.  It is based off of the best information available at a time, and is meant to provide an general idea of time and costs associated with your travel.  You are advised to consult bus company representatives at the terminal for exact routes.

DestinationDistance (km)
Time (hrs)
Barranquilla 98 2 10.000 none
Barrancabermeja 747 13 99.000 1 (Barranquilla)
Bogotá 1022 17 110.000 none
Bucaramanga 586 10 79.000 none
Cali 1120 25 158.000 2 (Barranquilla, Ibague)
Cartagena 212 4 28.000 1 (Barranquilla)
Cucúta 915 20 111.000 2 (Barranquilla, Bucaramanga)
Maicao 436 8 31.000 1 (Barranquilla)
Magangue 362 6 47.000 1 (Barranquilla)
Medellín 788 16 108.000 1 (Sincelejo)
Montería 429 8 61.000 2 (Barranquilla, Sincelejo)
San Gil 713 14 94.000 1 (Bucaramanga)
Sincelejo 307 6 44.000 1 (Barranquilla)
Soccorro 847 16 97.000 1 (Barranquilla)
Valledupar 407 7 26.000 1 (Barranquilla)

*Prices are subject to seasonality and market competition and may vary.
**Connections and routes are subject to change.