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Valledupar - Nabusimake

Nabusimake is the spiritual center of the Arhuaco indigenous people. Located high in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the community and their way of living inspire a spiritual stillness in all who witness it, and the surrounding area is alive with virgin forests, waterfalls, and birds.

  • Nabusimake & Pueblo Bello

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    • Nabusimake

    • Pueblo Bello

    Map Pueblo Bello, Nabusimake, & Valledupar Colombia

Leaving Valledupar on the road to Santa Marta, you will pass Pueblo Bello, the gateway town to the Arhuaco indigenous village of Nabusimake.  The village has a powerful spiritual energy, and is perhaps the most important religious site to the Arhuaco people so it is of the utmost importance you treat it with reverence and respect.

There is one bus that leaves Pueblo Bello each day (M,W,F at 9:30AM, T,Th,S,Su at 8:00AM)  It is only 38km between Pueblo Bello and Nabusimake, but the windy unpaved road takes nearly 3 hours.  Upon arriving in the city, you will first be required to check in with Alberto and pay 10.000 COP for the day.  You may also be able to obtain permission to camp at this time.  Do not assume that such permissions will be granted.

The Arhuaco, like many of Colombia's indigenous populations, aren't crazy about having outsiders on their land.  Most will not speak with you, even if you speak first or smile.  Don't take it personally.  Just carry yourself with respect, and give way to their traditions.

There are no hotels or restaurants in the village, though it may be possible to arrange for a place to stay through the Provincia Hostel.  If you have not done so, be sure to catch the 2:30 PM bus back to Pueblo Bello.  It will leave you if you are not careful and it is a long (but beautiful) walk back.