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Things to Do

Great Activities, Things to Do, Nabusimake, El Parque Besotes, Maruamake, Rio Guatapuri, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Park, Vallenato Music in Valledupar Colombia

  • Valledupar - Vallenato Music Festival

    Every April, Valledupar is host to the countries largest Vallenato Music Festival on the final weekend in April. Vallenato music is indigenous to Colombia and has its cultural epicenter in Valledupar. If you plan to attend the festival book your hotel reservations early.

  • Valledupar - Rio Guatapurí

    The Rio Guatapuri runs parallel to Valledupar along the cities northern border, and every day locals and travelers swing by to relax in its cool water. Be aware, the current can be fast moving, and while you may see locals jumping from the bridge overhead, it is not recommended.

  • Valledupar - La Mina / Maruamake

    For an incredible freshwater swim without the crowds of Rio Guatapuri, catch a ride in the Sierra Nevada mountains to visit La Mina. This other worldly swimming area is just a 60 minute drive from Valledupar. You can catch a truck from La Galleria Popular for 7.000 COP.

  • Valledupar - Nabusimake

    Nabusimake is the spiritual center of the Arhuaco indigenous people. Located high in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the community and their way of living inspire a spiritual stillness in all who witness it, and the surrounding area is alive with virgin forests, waterfalls, and birds.

  • Valledupar - Music and Arts

    It is no coincidence that the Vallenata music festival occurs in Valledupar each year. The city's geography has made it a melting pot for African, European, and Native Indigenous people for hundreds of years, and that blending has given the region a powerful artistic voice.

  • Valledupar - EcoParque Los Besotes

    Eco-Parque Los Besotes is a 1,000 hectare reserve located just 10km north of Valledupar on the road towards La Mina and Maruamake. Situated at the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas de Santa Marta, the park is home to over 250 species of birds, monkeys, ocelots, pumas, and jaguars.

  • Valledupar - Bike Ride to Guacochito

    If you're looking for a relaxing bike ride with beautiful scenery, smooth safe roads, local artisans, and a good chance to see monkeys, you will enjoy this ride. Begin the ride by going NW along the Rio Guatapuri, cross the bridge, and turn right on the first road after Club Campaste.