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Valledupar - Music and Arts

It is no coincidence that the Vallenata music festival occurs in Valledupar each year. The city's geography has made it a melting pot for African, European, and Native Indigenous people for hundreds of years, and that blending has given the region a powerful artistic voice.

  • The Vallenato Children

    Nataly Patiño Amariz from the Academia de Musica Valleneta Valledupar Colombia. She is incredible, and has an amazing future ahead of her in music...

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  • Cultural Events Map Valledupar

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    • Academia de Musica Vallenata

    • Allianza Francesa

      Carrera 13A, 13C-66.
      Tel: 570-3344

    • Fundación Pentagrama

      (Cra 6, No.15 - 12)

    Cultural Events Map Valledupar Colombia,

Academia de Musica Vallenata

Ready to be humbled by the power of one man to guide a community through dire times through something as simple as playing an accordion?  Andres (El Turco) Gil's Academy of Vallenato Music has been a safe haven for children for nearly 20 years and has contributed substantially to the continuous stream of musical talent that comes our of Valledupar.  For many years, the school has taken on children for free, who would not otherwise be able to afford it, and, behind Andres's leadership and teaching, his children have had the opportunity to play around the world in front of dozens of world leaders.

The children of every conflict zone around the world needs a leader like Andres Gil.  --Bill Clinton

For more visit:

Alianza Colombo Francesa

With regular free events, weekly galleries, and an extremely multicultural and talented group of regular attendees, Alianza Francesa continues to empower young adults to expand their horizons and while enabling Valledupar's artistic heritage to grow stronger each day.  Thursday night at 6:30 is the regular event night, though events often take place 3-4 times each week.

Carrera 13A, 13C-66

Fundación Pentagrama

Free piano concerts take place each Thursday at 7 p.m.  Donations appreciated!

(Carrera 6, 15-12)